The PFP Collection That Appreciates Over Time!

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The newest, freshest NFT Projects to hit the market is Wild5, and here's why!


The PFP collection built to last

At the risk of sounding like AI and daring to say, Wild5 is the project to show big brands how to truly bridge the gap between Web3 and real life.

The Wild5 NFT project uses a variety of web3 mechanisms and developed custom smart contracts to offer a project that the world can take note of, including companies and individuals that want to enter the world of NFTs, crypto and blockchain.

Our collection features five characters inspired by the African Big 5, each representing a variant of red wine. Deployed on the Ethereum network, the collection consists of 10k unique NFTs of each of the five characters, made available for purchase following a one-of-a-kind tokenomic system.

With the NFT creation and illustration done by renowned South African artist Schinkman, this Profile Picture Collection is not just about aesthetics and intricacies, but about expression, identity and community; a statement of refined taste.

Join the discussions, the fun and the hype as we release sneak peaks and updates.


Incredible value - Credible wines

Every Wild5 NFT is redeemable for a bottle of premium Red Wine, labelled with the unique NFT being redeemed.

Curated by our own Cape Wine Master, Ray, the Wild5 collection features a selection of fine wines sourced from renowned wineries and personalities in the South African wine industry.

Our first selection is the 2022 Pinotage from Francois van Niekerk Wines, owned by Francois van Niekerk, the CEO of Wellington Wines.

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Breaking barriers with wine as physical NFTs

Investing in wines as NFTs offers a unique and advantageous intersection of traditional wine ownership and digital innovation. The limited supply of NFTs offers exclusivity and heightened demand, while blockchain technology ensures authenticity.

This innovative approach allows for global accessibility, an immersive storytelling experience, and dynamic marketing opportunities. For both enthusiasts and investors, it represents a dynamic blend of enjoyment and potential return on investment in the evolving world of digital collectibles.


Robust utility with dynamic NFTs

Our innovative system enables you to determine the real-world state of the pNFT's in circulation.

Using a simple yet eloquent visual recognition mechanism, you can easily spot the NFTs that have already been redeemed, indicating which should be purchased with caution.

The Wild5 NFT Collection offers four visual cues to indicate one of four physical or digital states an NFT is in, in real-time as it is showcased in the NFT's metadata as well. Our innovative system ensures that you're constantly in the know about the real-world state of the physical NFTs circulating in various marketplaces.

A plain, single-colored background indicates an NFT that has not yet been redeemed. These are safe to purchase on open marketplaces.

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The Rarity Hack

The unique tokenomics of Wild5 reflects the long term vision of the team.

During the first year only 10k NFT’s will be made available for mint, and consequent batches will become available for mint as holders mark their NFTs as being Decanted, i.e. changing the state of the metadata of the NFT via the Wild5 website—a user-driven mechanism that establishes a deflationary tokenomic system, enhancing rarity and value over time.

When holders mark 35% of the initial amount of minted NFTs, as Decanted (35% of 10k), then 30% of the same amount will be made available for mint at the next release.

This 35% Decanting and 30% Release for mint, will continue for 19 Cycles until the last 3833 will be made available for the last mint event.

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Meet The Team

Spread across South Africa and the Netherlands, the Wild 5  the team consists of professionals in their field, offering their irreplaceable skills, knowledge and personalities to the project.

The quality of the team shows in the quality of the project.

Project Artist
Martin Schwella

Locally know illustrator and artist and owner of Schink Art Studio.  

Schinkman specializes in the creation and illustration of caricatures of professional sports and movie stars and other characters.

Random Goose
Project Developer

Random Goose is a web developer by trade but Solidity developer by heart.  

He’s been involved in multiple NFT projects over the last few years and has contributed to the community with his articles about programming on Medium.

Wine Master

Qualified from the Cape Institute of Wine Masters, where he did his thesis on a rising regional wine market.

Ray is the CEO of Raydius, a web development firm focusing on wineries looking to bring their brands online in innovative ways.

Project Manager

Lewiez, Founder of Krypto Knights SA Discord and full-time Civil Engineer, has been part of Wild5 since near its conception.

With his arsenal of skills he has successfully assisted 20+ NFT projects with management, content creation and marketing since 2021.


Having been a Sales Engineer in the electrical and electronics industries, Tyburn is converting his knowledge and experience into executable projects in the world of tech, web3, NFT's and Crypto.

"I have found my niche in building in web3"

Open Position
Community Manager

If you're interested in joining us as a Community Manager or a Discord Moderator, please get in touch and submit a ticket on Discord.

We'd love to hear from you.